Yiannis Aggelakas & The Visitors
Αpo 'Do Kai Pano [From Here And Over]
Yiannis Aggelakas / Nikos Veliotis
Various Artists
Yiannis Aggelakas / Nikos Veliotis

This text was written upon the release of the album. We decided to keep it as it is!


I am Yiannis Aggelakas and some of you already know me from my previous work with the band Trypes. For the last 4 years, since Trypes broke up, I have been keeping busy with the following: I acted in Nikos Nikolaidis' film “Loser Takes All” and wrote the music for its soundtrack (which I hope is still in circulation). In the same time, I was toying with the idea of an orchestra playing the kind of music that would remind us of our  deep  forgotten past but also of our very recent future. The present of Greek music and reality just freaks me out (if you know what I mean). Meanwhile, yet another collaboration came up, with Nikos Veliotis this time, and its outcome was released on a CD about six months ago, under the title “I Anases to Likon” (Breath of Wolves).  Some found it heavy and difficult to follow, others (luckily) liked it. The reason I am writing this text is because, after three years of rehearsals and six months of recording, our orchestra's work is finally out, under the title “Yiannis Aggelakas and the Visitors – From Here and Over”. Despite the occasional similarities with “Breath of Wolves” which some of you might pick up, I hope that this one will be more pleasant to listen to.

Double Enhanced CD Digipack with Booklet

Triple Limited numbered edition coloured vinyl LP , [out of print]


2. Siga min Klapso
3. Agria ton Astron Siopi
4. Parimies apo ton Krono
5. Mesa mou o Aeras pou Fisa
6. Episkeptes
7. I Agapi Ormai Brosta
8. Eretiko
9. Kala pou Egina Spudeos ke Tranos
10. Pai
11. Apo Do ke Pano
12.Oh! Despinis mou Utopia

1. Mesa mu o Aeras pu Fisa [from Crete] 
2. Siga min Klapso [Dub mix] 
3. Mimis
4. I Agapi Ormai Brosta
5. Pediki Hara
6. Agria ton Astron Musiki [Star noise mix] 
7. Kritiki Kuzina Ι 
8. Mesa mou o Aeras pou Fisa [Techno mix] 
9. O Naftis me to Katsavidi
10. Apo Do ke Pano [Double mix] 
11. Kritiki Kuzina ΙΙ 
12. Pai [Π-mix]

Production: Ch. Harbilas , Τ. Kariotakis , Y. Aggelakas for ALLTOGETHERNOW.

Yiannis Aggelakas – singing, Christos Harbilas – digitals, Ntinos Sadikis – Baglamas and vocals, Panos Rosis – electric guitars, Stefanos Lazarinos – saxophone, keyboard, kalimba, zournas, Yiannis Marinos – trompone, Yorgos Avramidis – trompet, Nikos Veliotis – violoncello, Fotis Siotas – violin, viola, Dimitris Baslam – double bass, electric bass, Kostis Makriyiannakis – acoustic guitar, Vasilis Baharidis – percussions, Nikos Ayivatzidis – percussions, Panos Tolios – percussions, Titos Kariotakis – console.