Na 'Hen I Thalassa Vouna (Had the Sea Mountains)
Alltogethernow / EMI
Yiannis Aggelakas / Nikos Veliotis
Various Artists
Yiannis Aggelakas & The Visitors
Yiannis Aggelakas / Nikos Veliotis

Psarantonis, for Greek audiences at least, needs no introduction. To many, he is one of the few remaining authentic representatives of Cretan music, and music in general, with a progressive attitude which renders him unique. His collaboration with Alltogethernow resulted in one of the most bona fide records he's ever made. Producer Υiannis Aggelakas manages to maintain a unique atmosphere throughout the record - supporting and strengthening the artist's freedom and leading to yet another exceptional result the "Psarantonis way"! The Royal Alzheimer Hall recording also saw the participation of accomplished musicians and producers, Titos Kargiotakis and Christos Harbilas, with Υiannis Aggelakas in production and a special appearance by Niki Xilouri (vocals and percussion).

Digipack CD with booklet
1. Na 'hen i thalassa vuna
2. Τin petra tsi ipomonis
3. Οde su thelo thimitho
4. Αkri tu uranu
5. Gi afto zilevo ta pulia
6. Ο nus mu epa ki o nus mu allu
7. Τris kalogiri kritiki
8. Το stavro tu Golgotha
9. Ipa to poso s'agapo
10. Sa dakri
11. Kanis gia 'mena den poni
12. Ζilevo ekino to dendro
Music and Lyrics: Psarantonis
Produced by Yiannis Aggelakas