Ntinos Sadikis
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Ntinos Sadikis was born and raised at the area of Zografou, in the centre of Athens. At the age of 18 he moved to Larisa to study Microbiology and this was where he caught... the music virus.

A self-taught guitarist, he writes his first songs and, together with Stefanos Kanellis, puts together the band Mavra Tigania, the harbinger of En Plo. Meanwhile, he has taken a scholarship for the medical university of Athens, a course of studies that he will eventually abandon six years later, just before graduation.

In 1985 he crosses Dimos Zamanos' path and they co-found En Plo. In 1989 they release their one and only record which carries the name of the band (Penguin, 1989), seen now as one of the rarest records (1000 copies) and a point of reference for the use of Greek lyrics in the rock music scene.

In 1991 they release a 7' single, distributed by the fanzine “Stis Skies tou B'23” (In the shadows of B'23), which includes a remake of M. Vamvakaris' song “Antilalun dyo filakes”. 1991 also sees him in Heraklion, Crete, working on new material together with Mimis Kafousias, bass player of En Plo. The outcome of this collaboration was the album “Molivenies Istories” (Mylos 1996), in which can be found a remake of “Horis Kanona” and other songs written by En Plo.

He then moves to Thessaloniki, where he lives and works as program manager, producer and sound mixer at 88miso Radio station.

In 2005 he releases his second personal album “To gelio ton pollon” (The lLughter of Many)[Lazy Dog, 2005]. He has also worked for the making of the records “Loser Takes All”, and “From Here and Over” with Episkeptes (Visitors), the former band of Yiannis Aggelakas, with whom he continues to work up to today with the trio, Yiannis Aggelakas 3!