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Vlastur started his music journeys as a bass player. At the end of the 80s he co-founded the band Cohash Funk (of nderground influences).

In 1998, together with Frequency Freak a.k.a. Fefer (guitarist of Cohash Funk) and Spiris put together a Dub experimental workshop, called Apefthias Sindesi, now  better known with the english translation of their name, Direct Connection.

In 2007 they released “Dub Infection” (Candyflip Rec.). Although he started as bassist for Direct Connection, Vlastur continued as the main FX Sound Engineer of the band. In the same time, he joined different artists and bands as a session musician. Between 2004 and 2007 he worked with Palyrria in the studio and at live shows. “Methexy” (Protasis Rec.), in 2005, was the fruit of this collaboration.

In 2008 he started working with Lena Platonos as a session bass player, a collaboration that lasts until today. Their first joint album was “Sinavlia at Pallas” (Live at Pallas, Lyra), out in 2010.

Released in 2009, “InterAxion Dub” (Eqnation Rec.) was his first personal album, as Vlastur. This album incorporates a collection of his musical journeys up until today, filtered through an ElectroDub Ethnic aestheticism. With the help of two experienced musicians, Dimitris Santas a.k.a. DarkElf (Synth, Fx, Mixing/Master) and Spyros Kontoyiorgis (Drums and Rythms), he can perform his material live on stage.


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