Polyphonic Ensemble Dioni

An inner need to express ourselves through the polyphonic traditional  singing of Ipeiros the way we 've heard it from our grandmothers and parents, brought us to Thessaloniki, spring of 2004, with the intention to create a female polyphonic vocal ensemble, which we named Dioni. Dioni consists of: Evaggelia, Paraskevi and Christina Gkogkou, as well as, Irini and Panayiota Koliousis.

Our goal was to preserve what we knew from experience, but also to evolve through a more personal way of expression. Along these lines, we have made several collaborations and performed around Greece but also abroad: at Selo, Albania – March 2005, at Petrich, Bulgaria – October 2005, at Thessaloniki's Milos club – November 2005 as support to the band Cake, at the 24th Folk Dance and Music Festival, Thessaloniki – April 2006, at the 28th I.S.M.E. International Conference of Music, Bolonia, Italy – July 2008, etc. We worked with Dimitris Barbas (Balkan Performing Arts), at “Olympion” in Thessaloniki – June 2006, with Andreas Monopolis, with the conteporary dance group XSOMA for their interactive installation Clockwork Heartbeats, Thessaloniki – September 2009 and more.

Our collaboration with Yiannis Aggelakas proved also very fruitful. We met eachother for the making of the soundtrack for Pantelis Voulgaris' film “Soul Deep” and ever since we continue our experimentations and improvisations together. In particular, we worked with him for Elpida Skoufalos' documentary “Akousa ton Theo na Klei” (I Heard God Crying), but also at live performances of Y. Aggelakas and the Visitors (Kozani – September 2009, Thessaloniki at Block 33 – November 2009, Athens at Fuzz club – January 2010).