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Sarka was formed in 1989 at Heraklion, Crete.

That same year, they did their first recording at the local independent label “Ekmetalefsi tapes” (Exploitation tapes) ( and circulated their work called “Oniro Vafis Hilion” (A Dream of Lip-dye) on tape. In 1991, under the same label, they recorded “The Banana Cassette”, which was basically a punk cover of the first Velvet Underground record.

Later that year, they released a song called “Trela” (Madness) which featured in the 7' compilation “Fragmenta II” of the fanzine “In the Shadows of B-23” (together with Lost Bodies, Petunia Pig and Erevos).

A bit later, they released two more songs, “Hrima” and “Pop Koritsia” (Money, Pop Girls) featuring in a video-compilation called “The Optic-Acoustic Bomb”, out by Fifth Dimension, a small independent company from Kiato, Korinthia.

In 1993, they complete their first LP, with the title “Esoterikotita sto Agrio Ekso” (Inwardness at the Wild Outside), which circulated only in vinyl by the independent label “Elfish Records”.

In 1997, the garage-punk fanzine “The Thing” circulated a CD compilation featuring their song “Ihitiki neotita” (Sonic Youth). This song, together with “Oi Filoi mu” (My Friends) and “To pio Epikindno Vlema” (The Most Dangerous Look), also featuring in the soundtrack of the film “Tu Kanenos to Rodo” (Nobody's Rose) presented in 2000 at Drama's film festival, were included in their next record, out in 1999 by Wipeout Records and called “Politis tu Kosmu” (Citizen of the World), this time only on CD.

Sarka continue their work until today.