En Plo
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En Plo started in Athens in 1985 by Ntinos Sadkis, Christos Politis and Dimos Zamanos. They were rehearsing at Zamanos' and Milonas' house at Gizi, together with Mimis Kafusias at bass and Regina Makris, vocals. With the help of friend Stefanos Kannelis, they made their first demo in 1987, which included 10 songs. The demo was handed out to friends and record labels. On October 1987, an unexpected event caused most members to leave the band. Sadikis and Zamanos continued though, and a new member, Kostas Kalogirou (drums) joined them. In Spring of 1988 they recorded their record “En Plo”, financed by friend Andreas Christofilis, who did the production of the record. The band was not very satisfied with that first recording, therefore they recorded again beginning of 1989, when “En Plo” was actually released by Penguin in 1001 copies. This is seen by many as the rarest and most important records of greek rock music scene.

New members were added to the band, Philippas Athanasiou (bass) and Fotis Papadopoulos (second guitar) and like this the band did its two and only lives at Rodon. At an interview for the fanzine “Horis Kanona” Sadikis explained their attitude towards live performances: “...we were not interested in lives, interviews and publicity....music speaks for it all.”. A little later, the band recorded a new song, “421”, and remixes four old ones, in order to release a new 12' record, something that never really materialized. Their next work was a 7' single, which included the songs “Adilalun i Filakes” and “Iha Erotes”. It circulated inside the 5th issue of fanzine “In the Shadows of B'23” (1991). Soon after the band broke up.

For a short period between 1986 and 1987, Stratos Alimonos had also joined the band. In 1995 “FM Records” released a compilation called “Act up – En Tuto Nika” for the support of AIDS victims. En Plo participated with the song “421”. Three more of their songs were out by “Tsalapetinos Productions” in the form of a demo and on a 7' single, called “Ke Lipon Ti?” (So What?).

In 1994 Ntinos Sadikis released his first personal record “Molivenies Istories”. Christos Politis, Mimis Kafusias and Stratos Alimonos joined the band “Epomeni Kinisi”. In the 90s, Dimos Zamanos did his own projects based on traditional sounds and on Christmas '98 give ended his own life. Sadikis continued to compose and work as a radio producer in Thessaloniki. In 2005 he released his second personal work, “To Gelio ton Pollon” [Lazy Dog Productions].

In 2011, Alltogethernow is finally releasing again the En Plo record on enhanced cd with video footage from the '89 recordings, including the tracks from the 7' single, as well as a limited number of vinyl together with the 7' single.