Yiannis Aggelakas / Nikos Veliotis
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This band is the vehicle for all those who met each other trough the collaboration between Yiannis Aggelakas and Nikos Veliotis, going back to sometime in 2004. They mainly bring  on stage the outcome of the two musicians' collaboration, that being the albums “I anases ton lykon” (Breath of Wolves) and “Pote tha Ftasoume edo” (When will We Get Here).

Since 2005, the band has seen Fotis Siotas, Dimitris Baslam and Sofia Efklidou joiing their team, as well as Floros Floridis and Psarantonis who have occasionally played with them. Today's main line-up form the old members Yiannis Aggelakas (singing), Nikos Veliotis (cello), Christos Harbilas (digitals), and the new ones, Coti k (cello & digitals) and Vasilis Baharidis (percussions) [2009-2011] under the name Yiannis Aggelakas/Nikos Veliotis - Wolves Live.