Yiannis Aggelakas & The Visitors
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They started to exist more as an idea in 2002. As Yiannis Aggelakas says about their one and only record: “I was toying with the idea of an orchestra playing the kind of music that would remind us our deep forgotten past, and in the same time, our very recent future. The present of greek music and reality freaks me out”.

The “Visitors” were:

Yiannis Aggelakas – singing, Christos Harbilas – digitals, Ntinos Sadikis – Baglamas and vocals, Panos Rosis – electric guitars, Stefanos Lazarinos – saxophone, keyboard, kalimba, zournas, Yiannis Marinos – trompone, Yorgos Avramidis – trompet, Nikos Veliotis – violoncello, Fotis Siotas – violin, viola, Dimitris Baslam – double bass, electric bass, Kostis Makriyiannakis – acoustic guitar, Vasilis Baharidis – percussions, Nikos Ayivatzidis – percussions, Panos Tolios – percussions, Titos Kargiotakis – console.

Christos Tsaprazis – bass and Stathis Arabatzis – guitar, joined in a bit later.

“Visitors” broke up in 2010.