Yiannis Aggelakas & 100º C
Quiet Songs for Carefree Meadows
LP + Book // ATNLP004

Book with CD , LP with Book [ limited edition]
1 Mono apo tin lypi sou [Onlyfrom your sorrow]
2 Neanterdal
3 Osan tyflo spourgiti [Like a blind sparrow]
4 Mia hara [Fine]
5 Perne me mazi sou [Take me with you]
6 Pseftis [Liar]
7 Filiko [Friendly]
8 Pote [Never]
9 Den thelo ta matakia sou [Don't want your eyes]
10 Isiha tragoudia gia anemela livadia [Quiet songs for careless meadows]